Frequently asked questions

Advice and answers from the CreatorSpot Team.



⚫️ What is CreatorSpot?

CreatorSpot is the place to discover your next favourite creator or getting discovered yourself! Every day we feature 8 upcoming creators for you to explore. Upvote the creators you love, submit the ones that inspire you, or get a summary of the very best, every week, in our Weekly digest.

🚀 How do I get featured?

Everything that meets our Community Guidelines will get posted in the Newest Feed, but not all creators will get featured. If a creator gets selected by one of our curators or recieves significant interest from the community we will feature that creator. There is currently no way to re-apply for getting featured or influencing the decision.

🗓 When do I get featured?

You will be informed through email within 7 days of submitting yourself. We will announce the exact date you will be featured, so you can prepare yourself to share the news with everyone.

🧙‍ Who can submit themselves as a creator?

Everyone who creates digital content. We currently have YouTube, Instagram and Twitter but more platforms are soon to come.

👀 What are curators looking for?

Quality: How well produced your content is.

Originality: How unique your content is in terms of genre and format.

Attention: How much attention you have in terms of views and followers.

Frequency: How frequent you post new content.

📬 Can I get featured in the Weekly Digest?

The weekly digest is a collection of the most upvoted creators from each day of the past week. That means we don't feature creators specifically for the newsletter.

We do however collaborate and highlight organizations and brands that wants to support our vision to empower upcoming creators in the "brought to you by" section. If you would like to be represented here, reach out to us on hey@creatorspot.co.

💎 Can I submit other creators?

Oh yes! We highly encourage you to submit creators that inspires you, to earn karma and get recognition on their creator profile, for bringing them to the community.

We are planning to introduce many more features, such as achievements for showing our love to the biggest contributors in the CreatorSpot community.

🙀 Someone else submitted me. How do I claim my page?

We are currently working on a feature that will enable you to easily claim your page. Until then, please write an email to hey@creatorspot.co

👁 Who will see my creator profile?

CreatorSpot is a community of digital content creators such as photographers, YouTubers, writers, influencers and producers as well as people on the outlook for new interesting and inspiring content.

karmaHow do I earn karma?

10 Submit a creator.

25 A submitted creator get's featured.

60 A submitted creator get's featured and ends in top 3.

25 Refer a friend to CreatorSpot that signs up.

25 Subscribe to the newsletter.

1 Someone upvotes a creator you submitted.

1 Someone upvotes your comment.

💼 Are there any available positions at CreatorSpot?

It's possible. Don't be shy and say hey on hey@creatorspot.co